Who else remembers this song ”Count your blessings, name them one by one …”? I thought about this song when the worrisome feeling drained my morale last August. Read on to know all about the little victories and defeats I have faced.

You know it is a good thing to make a list, just write down those little things. I remember the best words I learned from the pilot episode of ‘The vampire Diaries’ was these;

”Memories are too important, so I write them down because I would not want to forget them.”

This is so ironic because a vampire said this in the series, I mean what would a vampire want to write down? The numbers of necks it had snatched and broken?

JK! JK! I digress.

This year has been so overwhelming that sometimes I wake up and not want to get out of bed. You would not understand how crippling it is to feel like your failing. Or do you? But this was just me putting myself into boxes of shame, boxes of defeats. So I let myself hurt a little bit more and I let go of blogging for a while; I did not see myself improving at it. I suddenly forgot why I started posting my words online for people to read. I forgot I wanted to inspire people with my words and with the fictional characters I created. All these was lost in the boxes of defeats.

Until recently when I realized I have a lot to lose if I give up on my dream of being an inspiration. You see, I am a writer – I was born to do this – and I hope to inspire people with this gift I have. I am not going to let the heartbreaks, Nigerian rats, strike action, empty bank accounts, crippling educational let me down.


I will remember the victories I have had this year which are;

  • Two or three people walked up to me this year and said they loved my blog and the idea behind it. They told me not too give up on my dreams.
  • I conquered my fear of traveling alone and I took trips outside of Osun state.
  • I got a job as a freelance content developer
  • I let go of my body negativity and loved my body for what it is
  • I was able to afford few things I could not even buy for myself this time last year
  • Oh! I ordered a book!
  • I found and lost love but that is okay. It was better than the last. That’s progress I tell ya!
  • And I hit 1000 followers on Instagram. This is progress too!

Honestly, counting your blessings is a really good thing because we often forget about the good things happening in our lives because we are focused on the ‘terribles‘.

So why don’t you let this post inspire you to do the same thing I just did.

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Susanah. Xx.





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