This is for those who keep following the fictional lives of these star-crossed characters. Thank you for your continuous readership. If Amma and Daniel could talk, they would say more than all I could say. Here is the following episode. Enjoy!


‘’What took you so long?’’ Michael yelled as Amma quietly closed the door.  She glanced around the living room to see where he was. He was sitting on the floor behind the sofa. She swallowed hard and dropped her cross-bag on the chair. She moved towards him. Even though every part of her wanted to just run inside her room, lock the door and never come out again. But that won’t definitely solve any of her problems.

She covered her nose as the sharp smell of vodka filled her nostrils. Michael was obviously drunk. He slumped on the cold floor, holding an almost empty bottle loosely in his fists. She knelt down gently beside him and starred at him. She didn’t know what to do.

‘’The traffic was crazy’’ she answered his question. Amma noticed a crack in her voice.

He struggled to sit up but failed. Then, he tried harder again. His eyes were sagged and swollen, like he had been crying. Helen felt a lump in her throat. This was definitely the first time she would ever see him in such state. Perhaps, this is the farthest stage of being in a drunken state, Amma thought to herself.

‘’I am so sorry about last night. I should have been gentle. It was wrong’’

‘’Yeah and it’s been wrong since you started doing that to me Michael.’’ Amma said, shooting him a look. He is the last person she would ever think of forgiving after everything he had done to her. He doesn’t deserve any forgiveness from her. Last night was just a little glimpse of what she goes through every day.

‘’Yes, I know that and I am sorry. You are my niece and I promised to take care of you…Plea…please. ’’ Michael muttered.  His eyes were suddenly moistened with tears. This was shocking to Amma, where was this coming from? Michael had never been the apologetic type. He didn’t feel remorse about anything and now he was talking about the promises he made to her dead parents.

He placed his hand on her cheek steadily; Amma froze immediately, closing her eyes. She would never stop getting paranoid every time he touches her. But Michael was too drunk to notice this. This went on for a while and he slumped on her shoulders and slept off.

She sighed with relief and tried as much as possible to pull him on the sofa. She was drenched of her energy as she successfully carried him on the sofa. She glanced at his sleepy and sorry self and rubbed her palm against her temple. She walked to his room and grabbed one of his cover clothes from his wardrobe and placed it on his body.

She contemplated on returning to school, but feared it might annoy Michael when he finally wakes up. So she grabbed her bag and walked to her room quietly. Closing her door behind her, she breathed heavily and sat resting her back by the wall.

Her thoughts went straight towards Daniel, she felt bad about how she walked away. She knew it was the right thing to do because she didn’t want anyone to feel pity for her and treat her like a charity case. But then she remembered the expression on his face when she tried walking away from him. It was so sad and depressing, like he couldn’t bear seeing her hurt. Oh! She wished she could read minds, so she could be certain of what Daniel felt about her.

She needed to trust him before she could talk to him about her life, her loss and Michael. But till then, it is just best if he doesn’t know anything about her.

Ignorance is bliss…


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