If you are just joining this fictional train, welcome! But you need a quick recap of the previous episode, click here.  MUSE - DANIEL I scowl at her cell-phone as she hangs up on me; the screen was neatley broken into two. I glance at my wrist-watch; it was 6:20 pm. I shouldn’t have left the coffee... Continue Reading →


No need for long intros! Lets just dive in to the story. For a recap, click here. MEMORIES (AMMA) Amma hissed, not bothering to even look, she grabbed a black cross-bag and walked away. ''Who does he think he is? Telling me I should watch where I am going. He better watch where he is... Continue Reading →


I finished writing this 2:46am today after I slowed down my breathing because of anxiety. Adulting is not easy! I live in Osogbo, an intimate town in Osun state and my whole life I have always dreamt of breaking out into the outside world. If you grew up in a small town - no matter... Continue Reading →


HEY READERS!!! I know each post have been building up to the point where these two characters finally meet, so while writing (re-editing) this I noticed it would be more appropriate if you read the two narrations in one post! I promise you it is not a long ass chapter, even I know how tedious... Continue Reading →

Today we are loving the bold colors on the walls. I ready do wish i was not scouring the internet for these, that I could just walk down the streets and discover these beautiful walls and take photos of myself posing in front of them. Who else is in love with simple aesthetics such as... Continue Reading →


Chapter 3 is sitting here pretty if you need to catch up! Continue the story of two souls whose destinies are tied in ways they never imagined. Oh and quick reminder, Daniel is the narrator of ''Muse'' and Amma ''Memories'' MUSE 2 I smile politely at the security Man, Dennis as I drive through the... Continue Reading →

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